Duber Facility

RedCom Productions delivers store visual effects answers to small and medium budget productions of most types. We have a thorough visualeffects background, generating both reasonable (effectively invisible) visualeffects in addition to stunning and stylistic visual effects and artwork for action-photos, tv, line and ads, both for others and for our personal shows. Check our visualeffects demo reel out to determine some of our work as well because the trailers for the videos below, comprising effects by RedCom Productions concepts. Henry Rhone - VFX Visualeffects Account,The resource , tutorial and portfolio website for FX artist Mike Rhone. Our seasoned team of painters excels at creating photoreal visual effects that combine effortlessly into settings and liveaction dishes. The specialist center is only helped by that ability decrease and to increase,” says Cohen. Rebecca West is just a Visual Effects Executive Manufacturer and Sales Representative at VFX.

Specialist vfx houses have the ability to fight off some opposition that is rewards and international by staying close to where much of the postproduction work remains accomplished visual effects boutique and start to become open to consumers for encounter-to- . To Hollywood, John came in 1992 to aid denver- observed Amblin Imaging, where he produced computer generated visualeffects seaQuest DSV, for Spielberg's TV series.

With all the closing of Imaging in 1996 Bob co-started the Santa Monica based corporation, Digital Muse, focusing on the design of visualeffects for commercials, film and tv. In 2000 John co-produced Eden FX where he offered as President, Creative Representative and Lead Visual Effects Manager for your 13 years contributing to end unique and television, video location productions that were high. Pienkos is just elderly electronic performer at Muse VFX, visual effects supervisor, and an inventor.
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